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ICT workshop conducted at Gokhale B.Ed College - Parel Read More
ICT workshop conducted at Nirmala B.Ed College - Khandivili Read More
Anjuman-I-Islam's Teacher's Refresher Course Read More
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ICT workshop conducted at Nirmala B.Ed College - Khandivili

ICT workshop was conducted in Nirmala Memorial Foundation - Nirmala B.Ed College from 26-27th November 2010.

  • The workshop was for student-Teachers and Faculty of the college

  • To give practical aspects of syllabus covered in two subjects, namely, ICT in Education and Special Field and Computers in Education

  • To familiarize Student-Teachers with the different methods of communications in teaching and particularly, the process of technology mediated communication

  • To familiarize Student-Teachers with ICT tools to increase effectiveness of teaching

  • To familiarize Student- Teachers with advantages and disadvantages of ICT tools

  • To familiarize Student-Teachers with Teacher’s changing role with the advent of ICT

  • To make Student-Teachers aware of students’ current understanding of technologies and students' expectations from Teachers

  • To make Student-Teachers understand how to create and deliver Teaching course material effectively using ICT tools

  • To provide Student-Teachers practical training on ICT tools

  • To provide Student-Teachers glimpses of ICT tools used in schools abroad

  • To provide information about various ICT applications offered by IT vendors in India

  • To familiarize Student-Teachers with the environment of Smart Classroom and Smart School

  • To familiarize Student-Teachers with terms like e-Teacher, e-Learning, e-Education

  • To demonstrate use of ICT tools for the development of Teaching course material for one sample subject like History, Geography, Science or English

Anjuman-I-Islam's Teacher's Refresher Course

CampusOne-Beyond Technology, Smarter Campus conducted a 2 hour lecture the use of ICT tools in teaching. They spoke in detail about various Open Source and free tools and software available for teaching and delivering in classes.

For example: A software called "Hot Potatoes" can be used for making different type of questions (Fill in the blanks, Match the columns, Short answers, quiz, etc.). Also a software called "Chemistry Lab" was shown which can be used as a virtual Lab to teach students about Chemistry.

Teachers from Anjuman-I-Islam Vashi, Nagpada, Versova, CST, Turbhe, Kurla attended this Course.



                                              ICT Seminar by CasmpusOne

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